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3391 Walkers Ridge RD Dacula, GA 30019

Office (678) 482.9585



Listed below are our current and former clients that Eastern Management has served. We have had success with our efforts and our clients over the years of support.

A Wait Business

Air Allergen, Inc , GA


Atlanta Casualty Company                                  

Cover All Manufacturing, NY

GFS Development, Australia                   

GFS Development, Bermuda                     

California Republic Bank, CA                 

Central Carolina Bank, NC                    

Check Tech, GA                               

Citicorp Savings of Florida, FL                  

Cobb County Public Schools, GA               

Datamatx, GA                                  

Data Copi, GA

Davis Hammond Direct, GA                               

Emmich Enterprises, Inc., NJ                  

Ed Woods Paving Co

Federal Home Loan Bank, GA                   

Fed One, WV                                  

First Eastern, PA                            

First Federal Savings & Loan, FL  

First Image - Imtech, GA

First Aid Computer Services, GA

First Union Bank, SC                         

Fulton Federal, GA                           

Goldome, NY  

Guaranty Fed Bank, TX                              

Home Federal Savings & Loan, GA 

Interactive Data, GA

Justus Direct Partners, GA        

Karmalaa Industries, GA

Key Bank, NY                                 

Laser Print America, GA


Matrix, GA                      

Mechanics Bank, WV                           

M2Direct, GA

Merchants Bank, NY                           

Morgan Bank, NY     

MP2 Solutions, GA                         

Murrell's Waterproofing , GA                                    

MSA Development, PA                          

Municipal Savings and Loan, OT Canada       

NCR, Puerto Rica                                      


NECS, NY                                     

Omni Insurance Group, GA

Pandick, GA & NY                                 

Peoples Bank, CT

Relford Companies, KY

Republic Bank, FL

Ryder Corporation, GA                            

Southern Carolina Bank, SC                   

Southern Index, GA

Sussex Trust, Delaware

Sunrise Sailing Academy

The Atlanta Casualty Companies

United Way, GA                               

UPS, St. Louis, MO      

UNISYS Corp, GA                     

US Army Procurement Office, Fort McPherson, GA

Valley National Bank, NJ 

Windsor Group, GA

Xerox Business Services, GA

Xerox Corporation, GA



Eastern Management Inc